Saturday, October 8, 2016

Book Review: The House That Death Built by Michaelbrent Collings

Getting in was easy. Getting out... will be another matter.
It was supposed to be just one more job: in, out, and millions the richer. But when four thieves break into THIS house, they discover the owners were ready. And waiting.

Now, the thieves find themselves in a deadly maze of traps. Traps designed not only to steal their lives, but their sanity.

The only way out is the front door.
The only way to get there is to survive.
And the only way to survive is to be willing to do anything, to suffer all... and to lose everything.

The cover is pretty simple, but overall I like it. The old 'less is more' holds true in this case, and the font and splash of red work very well here.

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. MichaelBrent Collings is a bestselling author, and there are plenty of quotes in the first few pages from various review sites praising this book. Is he the next king of horror as Media Mikes claims? Eh, time will tell. But I can firmly say that this is a book that almost excels at every turn.

One of the book's biggest strength is in the characters. Of the four thieves, one is a psychopath who is only interested in the big score, the second is a decent man who is trapped into helping the group, and the other two are brother and sister who are varying degrees of crazy. When an initial job goes wrong, the four are at odds with each other, and there is a great deal of time dedicated into exploring their personalities and struggles as they cope with their sudden bad luck. That all changes, however, when a new job surfaces, the next 'big score'. Unfortunately for the thieves, it is a deathtrap, and the reader will be kept guessing as to who the mastermind truly is. On a sidenote, I just have to say I love reading how the mastermind is described for the first time as he meets the thieves. It was a fantastic scene.

My only minor critique is that the masterminds have a firm belief as to who will survive until the very end and set up particular riddles and scenarios for that person, even though I suspect in real life the outcome could have been very different. The reason given is that the masterminds have studied each thief in great detail, but that didn't mean the four couldn't have all blundered and died on the first trap (but of course, it would have been a short book if that happened!)

FINAL GRADE: 5 out of 5. Strong characters in a mysterious deathtrap make this book a real page-turner. Definitely an enjoyable read from start to finish.

The House That Death Built can be found here.

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