Saturday, September 10, 2016

Game Review: Asemblance

I originally ordered Asemblance since the trailer looked pretty spooky. But when it came down to it...there was only one spooky scene, and the game itself is not really a horror game. What it is, however, is a very interesting puzzle game. One that would be very difficult to win without tuning into a walkthrough online. When it originally came out, it took weeks for one hardcore gamer (TheBlueRanger) to find all of the endings, and even then I'm not 100% convinced all the secrets have been discovered yet. And in this case, even if a player looks at the walkthrough for the tough-as-nails 'white' ending, chances are they'll still need several tries to get it right.
You play as a nameless protagonist who is reliving his own memories, with the help of a computer AI who gives off a creepy Stanley Parable vibe. The gameplay really only boils down to three levels, but each can change as the player discovers certain clues. In a very unique twist, the timing of some of the levels can change, allowing further clues to be found. However, the AI might also interfere with finding some of these clues-for example, making the memory fast-forward as you are trying to listen to an important taped message. This also can move the clock once again, creating even more clues. As I said, it's all very unique.
So who is the player? That is something one could spend days trying to figure out. There is a list of six names, some of which are crossed out in different time streams. There is some kind of tragedy involving his wife, and perhaps his child as well, but from there it is pretty unknown, and not even the complete ending answers all of these questions.

Overall, your enjoyment of this game will depend on what you look for in a game. A person who likes puzzles and plotlines which are not fully spelled out will likely enjoy this the most.

FINAL GRADE: 3 out of 5. A game that has more questions than answers, but it's definitely worth the $9.99 price on the playstation network

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