Saturday, September 24, 2016

Game Demo Review: Resident Evil Beginning Hour

I'm of two minds when it comes to the playable teaser for Resident Evil Beginning Hour. On the one's scary. Really scary. As in, edge-of-your-seat-terrified-to-see-behind-the-next-corner kind of scary. You play as a cameraman who is investigating a supposedly abandoned house with two other filmmakers. Bad things happen, and you need to escape the house while being chased by a madman who wants to 'welcome you to the family'. There are also clues left around the house that will either take players a really long time to figure out, or are currently not in play until another update to expand the demo (based on the fact that additional items have been added since E3, I'm guessing it's the latter)

On the other's not Resident Evil. Not really. This game borrows heavily from ideas done in other games, but most notably in PT-the player wakes up on the floor like PT, the girl ghosts looks a lot like the ghost in PT, there is an occasional blur effect like in PT, mannequins turn around like Condemned, player is able 'go back in time' essentially by turning on a video in a VCR like in Slender the arrival, and etc, etc. For the record, I have no problem with this demo shamelessly ripping from PT-that game pretty much fell on its own sword when Kojima Productions ripped it from playstation network never to be downloaded again just because they were feeling petty.

But there is the one thing I don't really see in this demo. All the things that would make it Resident Evil. Where are the zombies? Where is Chris punching borders or Leon's ridiculous hair?  I would love this game to be made, but I wish it had its own identify and wasn't tied to the Resident Evil franchise. Also, apparently this demo has no part of the official game, so what is the point? Why couldn't it have been two separate games? I love what the development team is doing, but it's pretty frustrating to see this happen again (because, yes, the PT demo also had no connection to the Silent Hills sequel it was eventually supposed to be)

FINAL GRADE: 3.5 out of 5. Beautiful graphics and extremely terrifying, but lacks a self-identity and appears incomplete with some items currently beng a mystery.

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