Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Book Review: Trillingham by W.Potocki

A monster proves a legend true.

Jen Nichols is living large and ready to enjoy the summer. Riding the unemployment train, a chance encounter with Hillboro’s newest resident alters her plans. While Jen insists the attack could have been fatal, everyone, including her boyfriend Phil, minimizes her claims. Even the police dismiss her account of what they consider a skirmish until a dead body surfaces. Half-eaten and discarded in a ravine, it’s the first clue that someone very evil is hungry. But who or what that someone is remains a mystery and shrouded in folklore.

A vandalized cemetery located hundreds of miles away may hold the key to solving the crime. The digging up of that unmarked grave has awakened more than the creature put to a permanent rest. But only a mother still grieving over the loss of a child understands the implications. As she sets out to stop more murders from happening, the only question for her is, will she be too late.

There are two covers available for Trillingham, and neither really catch my eye. The graveyard is the more accurate presentation of the events happening in the book (having a monster waking up from the gave and all) but the photo itself looks a bit blurry and ordinary. Having the text font be a dark shade might have made it more visually eye-catching, or having a splash of color in the picture itself might have worked, such as an unnatural glow of some sorts. The author has written other books where the cover is far more eye-catching. This is unfortunately is not one of them. 

Overall, the second half of Trillingham caught my attention more so than the first half. During the first half of the story, several people in the town were killed by Trillingham, and then the next scene will typically shift to Jen and her friends at lunch or a diner discussing either the news of the murder or about life in general. I think the main issue is that Jen herself is attacked by Trillingham in the beginning, but is not really connected to Trillingham again until the end. This might have been solved if Trillingham's point of view was more of a stalker, fixated on finding the one that got away. That would have added quite a bit of tension to the first half. And while Trillingham does eventually have that desire, again, it's not really towards the end that this occurs to him. And since Jen and her friends are not really invested in Trillingham's plot until the second half as a result, it was much harder to get invested in the first half for this reason. 

However, things pick up in the second half as Jen is more involved with the monster and the idea of Trillingham itself is very inventive and terrifying. Protagonist Jen is likable enough, and both Jessie and Mary are standout characters. Both were aged females attempting to solve the problem of Trillingham, just in different ways. All of their scenes were vital to the story.My favorite character out of everyone had to be Mary, who had quite a bit of depth to her role. 

FINAL GRADE 3 out of 5. Some of the scenes in the first half could have been edited out to tighten up the story a bit. It does get more interesting in the second half. 

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