Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Author Interview: CK Stone and Tia Tormen

Natasha: Tell me about yourself. How long have you been writing? When you are not writing, how do you like to spend your spare time?

CK: I'd love to say I've been writing since I was able to pick up a pencil and put words on paper, but that might be a bit of an exaggeration. I've written stories since I was a kid and kept a journal since I was in college. Oy, a long time… As to what I do when not writing--I do all the rest of the things that keep my life interesting: Tang Soo Do, Haidong Gumdo, Parsec - a sf/f/h group here in Pittsburgh, Confluence - our annual SF/F/H conference, eating, sleeping, and working my day job. As to spare time--that's really funny.

TIA: I always wanted to grow up and become a writer, but my priorities were to my five children first. I used to make up bedtime stories to tell them and envisioned myself becoming a children's book author someday. After the children were old enough, I started attending a writing and critique group and learned a lot about the craft of writing. Then along came CK and Hidden Design and we've been working on that together for quite a few years. I have been taking Tang Soo Do Karate since 1992, but took a 19 year break and only started studying again a couple years ago. I also take Haidong Gumdo sword classes, attend and help run a writing and critique group, I work as a make-up artist and photographer on the weekends, do video editing when I have time, and work a PT day job. Any spare time I have available is spent promoting Hidden Design, the Prophecy and learning how to professionally publish books.

Natasha:  Tell us a little about your book series Hidden Design, the Prophecy. What was your favorite scene to write? What was your least favorite scene?

CK: I think one of my favorite scenes to write was the dinner party scene.  Mikki Daneen, our main character, has dinner with a local TV Celebrity and his producer/girlfriend. There is a little friction and a lot of wine, sake and beer.  A lot of fun.

Least favorite?  I would have to say my least favorite scene is the initial meeting between Jacques, a prospective client who is manager for another client/friend of Mikki's  and Mikki. She is trying to be business-like, mostly because she has some other things on her mind and he has heard too much about how Mikki works and wants to find out if it's true. Let's just say I didn't find him a particularly sympathetic character in that scene.

Natasha: Do you have any other exciting projects coming out?

TIA: Always! Right now we're working on the second book for Hidden Design, sub title TBD, and a novella titled, "The Write Lovers." We have had The Write Lovers on the back burner for some time now but it is almost completed.  The novella should be available by summer 2017.

Natasha:  Do you have any advice for other authors trying to get published?

CK: Keep writing! Don't lose heart! Help is on the way! We all get discouraged and we all feel like we're beating our heads against the proverbial wall. The best piece of advice, and one I give to myself all the time: keep writing and keep submitting.

Natasha: What genre is your book?

TIA: Hidden Design is listed as a Contemporary Fantasy-Thriller, but is a bit more cross-genre than that. It has been described by readers as a paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy, magic realism, erotic thriller and paranormal thriller. We had a hard time settling on a genre because there really are so many different elements written into the story.

Natasha: What is the best way for readers to reach you? (links for twitter, facebook, etc)

Tia Tormen can be found on:
Her website: www.tiatormen.com

CK Stone can be found on:

An ancient Prophecy, foretold millennia ago . . .  
Child of the traitor
Conceived in betrayal
Shall pierce the veil
And destroy the hidden   

Mikki Daneen is living the life she's always dreamed but she hides an extraordinary gift--the ability to perceive her clients' most intimate desires. A secret liaison brings death and destruction to Mikki's life, but she's not the only one in danger. Mikki must uncover the secrets of a culture she never knew existed, and expose the true betrayer.
Hidden Design, The Prophecy, is a full-length contemporary fantasy/thriller novel that contains elements of romantica.

The story is set in New York City where Mackenzie Daneen is a successful interior designer, in part because she can psychically link into the most secret desires of her special clients and give them exactly what they want. Mikki is on top of her world until an old boyfriend/FBI agent asks her to glean details on a kidnapping suspect, Seth Harkinson, by using her psychic ability. When she learns more than she bargained for, her life starts falling apart. Through Seth, she uncovers the truth; she may be the child the prophecy speaks of. She runs for her life from a demon-possessed beast that is hell-bent on hunting down and killing the innocent children who possess magical gifts; children of whom the prophecy may speak.

While she and Seth fight for their lives, they discover they have a connection that runs deeper than either of them imagined. Will her psychic visions be able to help them find the evil that is driven relentlessly to slaughter, before it's too late?

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