Sunday, August 28, 2016

Game Review: Layers of Fear

Blogger's note: Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone. Busy month!

Layers of Fear can be considered as not really a game but an experience of how many jumpscares you can withstand at once. Ths game is extremely terrifying and keeps the horror fresh by introducing an element of madness at every turn. One moment you may be walking down a hallway, the next you may be repeating the same hallway over and over again while a phone rings that you can't answer. Scraps of journals inform the player that the main character certainly deserves some of the horror which occurs in the household.

But is it really a game? This game seems to borrow heavily from PT, which involves a lot of wandering around more than anything else, (not to mention the main character has a problem with alchohol and there is a psycho wife trying to kill you). As in PT, it is impossible to actually die in this game, as the player will simply wake up later. The puzzles are rare and there are three possible endings, depending on whether or not you try to follow your wife in the game. But besides a good element of exploration, that will be pretty much the only gameplay features in the game. And it's certainly difficult to explore when there are jumpscares happening at every turn!

FINAL GRADE: 4 out of 5. This game is simply terrifying, but won't be a challenge to go through. I guess after the success of PT we should expect more games to follow this same trend?

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