Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Game Review: Slender the Arrival

Before I begin the review I have to explain what Slender Man actually is. He was created on the Internet in a forum and was eventually expanded into games, pictures and social media. The idea behind Slender Man can differ from story to story, but most versions have him as a faceless monster who steals or stalks children. And he usually wears a suit, because...I dunno, maybe he has a temp job afterwards. Even though he was created on the internet in 2009, it eventually blew out of proportion as a group of teenage girls nearly killed another claiming that Slender Man made them do it, and some have claimed to see his figure in historic art. It is interesting to see what may become the start of a legend, perhaps eventually growing so famous as Dracula or Frankenstein,

So is the game scary? Definitely! Is it any good? Ehhh...not so much.

Slender the Arrival is a sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages, a game I have not played since it is not available on console, and it doesn't appear to be crucial since you play as a different character (Lauren) searching for the first main character (Kate). The game follows the Amnesia style of tension by not being able to defend yourself most of the time and normally have to resort to running if Slender Man happens to be near.

The game creates a great deal of suspense with the music and the environment, and some levels are almost too terrifying to play through. Your enjoyment of the game will vary depending on which version you play through, as some later versions of the game have additional levels. This is most prominent towards the end, as there are three possible endings to play through. The first two are pretty disappointing, with the third holding some interest. Overall...it just feels too short, and the story is somewhat limited to 'running away from Slender Man and his servants' all the time. There is some story content in the form of letters Kate left behind, but it's not really enough to be entertaining.

FINAL GRADE: 3.5 out of 5. Overall, this game is scary but there isn't a great deal of substance at the same time. This is not the only game to feature Slender Man, so I'm sure we'll get back to another version at some point.

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Chris Hewson said...

This game's story definitely seems lacking in regard to those endings. You'd think that beating the game on the 'Hardcore' difficulty setting would reward your patience by bothering to provide a positive, or at least less abrupt, pointless, and samey ending.

As for the story as a whole, I wish it actually tried to tell a proper one rather than a few scattered letters, because a game with an actual Slender story could be really interesting.