Monday, April 30, 2012

Updates and an important announcement

So...some people might have noticed that I've completely fallen off the radar for the last couple of months. While I would like to say that it's because of a dangerous, complicated mission which involves travelling around the world and ninjas...the truth is far more mundane. I've spent the majority of that time planning a wedding, moving, switching jobs (somewhat) and working! So yeah, lots of RL things happening.

However, that doesn't mean I've completely forgotten about writing or my blog, and I have seriously gotten back into writing again for the past few weeks, and I hope I can tell you about upcoming projects soon. For now, however, here is a list of my current projects:

War of the Soulites 3: The publication date has been pushed back until June 9th. I am immensely proud of this book, however, and hope to share more details soon!

War of the Soulites 1: will be going out of print on May 4th, so this is the last week to buy the start of the series before it goes out of print! The good news is that it's only 99 cents! Link is here:

Autumn's Spirit: We are finishing up the editing process for this book, and the release date should be announced soon! In the meantime, I have to say I really admire the art cover on this!

The Red Zone: This is a bit of an old story but it's still posted online if anyone wants a free read about zombies! There was a huge amount of awesome comments back on it which I always appreciate!

Right now I have two books I am working on, along with a short story, and I hope to send them to publication soon. In the meatime, thanks as always for the support.


Chris Hewson said...

Cool! It'll be awesome once Soulites 3 and Autumn's Spirit come out!

I'm curious, how long are the Soulites books?

Natasha Bennett said...

Hi Chris,

War of the Soulites is about 60K words. Autumn's Spirit is close to 30K.