Sunday, December 18, 2011

Game Review: Skyrim


I really can't stop playing this game.

I had some initial reluctance playing Skyrim for two reasons-one, I wasn’t really in the fantasy role-playing mood at the time, and two, it was developed by Bethesda Software, who recently broke my heart with Fallout 3: Las Vegas. Seriously, that game is riddled with so many bugs it’s virtually unplayable.
Despite that, I did a casual play-through, and after that I was immediately hooked. The plot is this: you are an unknown peasant picked up by the Imperial army, who decide to execute you simply because you were in the vicinity of some rebels. But then a dragon appears and crashes the execution party. And as luck will have it, you are one of the chosen ‘Dragonborn’, who can suck out the souls of any dragons you slay and gain their power. Boy, egg is on the Imperial’s face. 

What makes Skyrim so appealing? For starters, the game is massive, often riddled with quests every five minutes. Thankfully most of the quests don’t get repetitive either. I say ‘most’ of the time, because every now and then it feels like there is one undead crypt too many. But the voice acting is consistently different, and there is a certain degree of fun. You can also get married, become a thief, conquer a town, attend college, become a werewolf, cure your lycanthrope, and become a vampire instead. Although, why you would do that, I have no idea. Because, you know, vampires kind of suck in this game.

Is it riddled with bugs? Well, I’m not going to give Bethesda a free pass on this. There are a couple of glitches here and there, but not anything that breaks the game. More often than not it’ll be amusing, such as a Woolly Mammoth falling out of the sky.

I’ve been playing this game for probably a month and still haven’t gotten close to winning it. Is it worth your month? Hell yeah. Can I give it a negative critique on anything? Um...okay I need to think about this...with so many quests going on, it’s kind of hard to get emotionally invested in the plot. Fallout 3 Las Vegas appealed to me because it was primarily about a group of soldiers who were fighting against a master race, determined to cleanse the world of sin. The horrors many of these soldiers went through made it far more interesting. In Skyrim, the little guy going against the evil big army is just a minor side-plot in five million other sideplots. It’s a very minor gripe, though, and I won’t hold them against it.

Final grade: 5 stars out of 5. I can’t wait to see how this game ends!  

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