Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Movie Review: Insanitarium

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Jack’s sister Lily is locked in an insane asylum due to suicidal tendancies. Since she is technically a ward of the state, Jack is not permitted to see her…for reasons which are not adequately explained. Rather than go through the court system, Jack does the more sane option-he strips down, cuts himself, and runs through the streets screaming bloody murder. All so he can talk to his sister. This seems a little unwise.

Weak intro aside, I did genuinely like this film…up to a point. There were patients acting strange (more so than normal, I mean) unexplained experiments from administration, added tension because Jack accidently ticks off a serial killer, and some genuine good scenes with his sister.

So why does this movie fail in the second half? One word: zombies. 

Yes. Zombies. Why were the administratiors making zombies? To cure the patients, of course! Yeah, that really makes sense to me.

This movie takes a pivotal turn half-way, to Jack being a helpless fake crazy in a mysterious asylum, to Jack battling zombies. And the movie really suffers because of it.

Final grade: 2.5 out of 5. A fresh change in the horror genre for the first half, boring and predictable in the second.

I can't say what Jack does is completely unbelievable though, considering that people have actually done this in real life.

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