Friday, May 13, 2011

Cover and synopsis for Autumn's Spirit!

Hi guys,

Check out my cover for Autumn's Spirit! Isn't it pretty??

Official write up:

After working for years as a paranormal investigator, Amy Belkins wants to quit. But her friend, Terry, convinces her to go on one last investigation. Lured by the promise of strange whispers in empty bedrooms, cold spots, and silenced screams, Amy reluctantly agrees to one last hurrah, for old time's sake. However, Amy and Terry are frustrated when their search of the supposedly haunted Lanson house turns up empty.

Later that night, Amy returns alone to retrieve some forgotten equipment and is sucked into a shocking nightmare. The next morning she wakes up five hundred miles away, covered in blood beside an old woman’s dead body. As people continue to die around her, Amy realizes that she is possessed by the spirit of a vengeful child on a mission to right wrongs. On the way, Amy learns a deadly lesson about violence.

As Terry races against time to save her, Amy faces a terrible choice: avenge the child’s murder and save another child's life, or surrender to the police before more people suffer a ghastly fate at the hands of Autumn’s Spirit.

More details will be available at Lillibridge Press:

I also have more good news, which will be posted later (hint-check out the new/upcoming projects box to the right).


Chris Hewson said...
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Angela Ackerman said...

Sounds like creepy good fun. :) (and great cover!)

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse