Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Game Review: Dead to Rights Retribution

I'm taking a short break from Asylum Films for a moment to talk about things that are not of such amazing high quality (insert sarcasm here). Today I am reviewing Dead to Rights Retribution, and in my usual tradition, I am reviewing a series completely out of order. Seriously, I don't know why I do that. 

This is the plot (sort of): While battling a band of criminals, a Grant City cop named Jack Slate loses his father in a random shoot-out. Enraged, Jack goes rogue and exposes a plot to take over Grant City. And trust me, I am keeping the summary as vague as possible, because if I really explained this jumbled mess this blog would be twice as long.

Dead to Rights Retribution has plenty of problems, starting with the characters. Jack doesn’t have much of a personality other than being an angry cop who lost his dad in a random shooting. And he’s a mass murderer who doesn’t actually arrest anyone.I am being completely serious when I say that there are scenes in this game where a criminal is begging Jack for mercy, who, in response, shoots the guy's kneecaps off. Which brings me to the second problem with this game-at what point did the cops decide to do away with the whole ‘arresting part of the job and decide to murder unarmed people instead? At first I thought this was a problem with Jack alone, but the entire police force seems to support his brutally murderous ways.

Another problem is the number of plotholes. There is no clear reason why Jack decides to go rogue after his dad is shot. Villains are interchangeable and their motivations and plans usually don’t make much sense.  One of the more laughable plot holes is that towards the game Jack decides to try the whole ‘arresting’ thing for the first time, a point that rings hollow when Jack decides to use the criminal as a human shield for two levels straight.

The gameplay is just ‘okay’. There’s a good combination of gun fights and melee attacks, but it also suffers from a few annoyances. No one seems to know how to hold a gun properly and can be very easily disarmed. And unfortunately, Jack falls into this category as well and loses his gun so many times it soon becomes irritating. Plus, Jack is really snooty as to where he can or cannot take cover (and gets shot either way). On the other hand, the level design for this game is better than average and reminds me somewhat of Condemned, a game I really love. There is also one other thing about this game, one incredibly awesome part that makes me want to play it again and again. In one word, that is Shadow.

Shadow is Jack’s dog, and he is the best NPC I’ve ever had. This isn’t an NPc that hangs around in the background-Shadow can instantly kill several opponents, usually in cringe-worthy scenes that are actually worse than Jack’s. This isn't a playful pooch-it can easily tear off a limb from a criminal (usually a very personal one if that criminal is a guy).

Why are these two part of the police force again?

FINAL GRADE: 3 Stars out of 5. The gameplay is enjoyable but the plot kills any connection with anything.  

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Silb said...

What do you mean by " (usually a very personal one if that criminal is a guy). " o-o

Lilylahvsyou said...

She means like his "happy spot" his..balls >~<