Friday, July 16, 2010

New Review for War of the Soulites 2 : Ouroboros

Blogger's note: The full review contains spoilers.

I got a great review today for my second book, War of the Soulites 2 : Ouroboros. The full review is below:

'With War of the Soulites, Natasha Bennett threw out all the stereotypical characters and created something new and interesting. With this second installment in the trilogy, Ouroboros, she completely trashes the cliched story-lines and delivers something a little darker and edgier than expected from the sci-fi genre.

In book one, we saw Captain Osirus grow from being a puppet for the powers-that-be (NAVA) and become a true leader. He continues his valiant journey in book two, showing that the higher-ups seriously under-estimated him when they thought it would be a joke to put an accountant in command of a starship. He continues to be my favorite character.
Aside from blowing many pre-conceived notions out of the water, I thoroughly enjoyed the story...and even enjoyed (on some masochistic level) having those pre-conceived notions destroyed. It leaves me wanting more because there is no way to guess what will happen. The genre-specific formula is gone and it's a whole new universe to explore, and I'm looking forward to continuing my exploration'

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