Thursday, June 17, 2010


You know, the more I play the Silent Hill Series, the more it feels like I’m playing the same game over and over again. A hospital level? Where have I seen that except Silent Hill 2, 4, 7 and the movie. A deserted town? Silent Hill 2, 3, 7, anyone? Or how about the movie? The mall? Could it possibly be in Silent Hill-yeah, you get the idea. I’m excluding Silent Hill 5 and 6 an account that I haven’t played them yet, but I’m sure they’ll be barrels of fun. My point is that the Silent Hill series doesn’t stray too far from each other in terms of plot and location.

In Silent Hill 1, a man named Harry Mason is missing his daughter Cheryl. Oh no! Someone is missing in Silent Hill? Where have I seen that-okay, I’ll stop now. This is the first Silent Hill game with similar controls to Silent Hill 2 but with a few extra bugs, such as a glitchy auto-aim focus and a new and annoying feature to the inventory system. Every time Harry wants to pick up something, the game thoughtfully asks him if he’s sure. Keep in mind that Harry has unlimited inventory slots and will need every item he can get his grubby little paws on. And of course, being on the playstation 1, the game suffers a graphical downgrade.


The plot to Silent Hill is...confusing. Oddly enough, the first half of the game is almost solely gamely, and the second half spends more time on dialogue and plot. It actually helps to watch the movie first, because that helps explain half of what is going on. As for the other half...I really didn’t understand it. There’s a sub-plot about drugs even though everyone's dead and a doctor either trying to help you or sabotage you...wha?? Not even the great powers of Wikipedia could explain what I was missing.

Despite this, I actually enjoyed this game more than Silent Hill 2. Maybe because it was more of a challenge, and it didn’t feel like I was replaying the same levels...much. Or maybe because the ending didn’t leave me feeling incredibly awkward and the characters were more likeable.

Or maybe because the game was shorter. Yeah, I’ll go for that.

FINAL GRADE: 3 1/2 out of 5. The gameplay and levels are entertaining, but the plot is confusing.

Now I'm off to play Silent Hill 3, which starts off in a mall. Oh joy.

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Harry Mason said...

I think you are being a bit judgemental on the game giving it 3 and a 1/2?

I really think you are underating it quite dramatically there, simply because the game has such a fantastic atmosphere, sound design, etc. When Silent Hill first came out it was a really shocking experience akin to movies such as the Exorcist when it was first released. Silent Hill was just an incredibly scary game, and giving it is a horror game thats pretty well all it should really need to achieve.