Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Author Interview: Bobby Nash

Today I would like to welcome Bobby Nash, who is an author and comic book writer with several upcoming projects.

Natasha: Tell me about yourself. How long have you been writing? When you are not writing, how do you like to spend your spare time?

Bobby: Hi, Natasha. I’m Bobby Nash and when I’m not distracted by shiny objects I write novels, short stories, comic books, novellas, graphic novels, and even the occasional screenplay. You can learn more about my work at

I’ve been writing since I was a kid and had my first work published outside of school in 1992. I had a few independent comic books, interviews, articles, and comic strips published for a few years. In 2000, I was hired on as scripter for Demonsalyer, a comic book series for Avatar Press, my first professional work. I worked on the title for roughly four years, although it wasn’t monthly, just a few issues a year. In that time, I wrote a couple of novels as well and sold one in 2004 and the following year, Evil Ways debuted. It’s been pretty steady, work-wise since then. I’m a very lucky boy.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually sleeping, at the day job, or at a convention, but most assuredly thinking, “I should be writing.” Sadly, there is not a lot of spare time these days, but you make the time where you can. I do like to read, go to movies, you know, normal people stuff, but deadlines have to be met first.

Natasha: Tell us a little about your upcoming project. What was your favorite scene to write? What was your least favorite scene?

Bobby: On September 1st, 2015, Sequential Pulp Comics and Dark Horse Comics release the graphic novel adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic novel, At The Earth’s Core to booksellers around the world. It was released to comic book shops on August 19th, but will be available from on-line as well as brick and mortar stores September 1st.

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ At The Earth’s Core is adapted by myself (writer) and Jamie Chase (artist). Jamie’s work on this book has been absolutely brilliant and really breathes life into the lush world at the center of the Earth.

The novel we’ve adapted is full of fantastic moments, but for me, the most exciting thing was seeing the Iron Mole launch early in the story. I felt the same sense of adventure that the characters of David Innes and Abner Perry did as they rocketed into the dark unknown. It was thrilling and every new page of art I saw sent shock waves through me. I was hooked by this story I’d enjoyed as a kid all over again.

Not sure I have a least favorite, although getting to the end is always a little disappointing because there’s so much you still want to do. Thankfully, Jamie and I are already hard at work on Pellucidar, the second book in the series with the good folks at Sequential Pulp and Dark Horse again.

Natasha: Do you have any other works in progress coming out?

Bobby: Oh, yes. Lots of cool stuff coming down the pipe in the coming months. Next up is the Earth Station One’s Tales Of The Station anthology for the Earth Station One podcast and published by New Legend Productions (I also helped out with the editing on this one and it will debut at Dragon Con Labor Day weekend). In November, The Black Bat Returns anthology will be released by Moonstone Books. Others coming soon include Evil Intent, a novel from BEN Books, Strong Will, a graphic novel from New Legend Productions, V-Wars vol. 5, an anthology from IDW, The Ruby Files vol. 2 from Airship 27 Productions, plus stories featuring Domino Lady, Ghost Gal, The Avenger, Snow Storm, and more. I don’t know in store dates on all of them yet, but they’re all in some form of production or another.

Natasha: Do you have any advice for other writers trying to get published?

Bobby: Have fun with what you’re doing, but if you want to write as your career, then remember to treat it like one. I love writing. It’s the greatest job ever, but like any other job, there are days I’d rather do something else or I’ll be on a tight deadline, or whatever, but I have to do it anyway. It’s work. I believe that learning that lesson made me better at what I do.

In terms of getting published, do your research. Know what types of material the publisher puts out. If they only do crime dramas, sending them your fantasy epic might be a waste of their time and yours as well. A little research and following guidelines goes a log way to showing your work ethic and ability to work as part of the team just as much as your manuscript shows how well you write. There’s more to being a writer than just writing.

Natasha: What is the best way for readers to reach you?

Bobby: I’m all over social media and you can find links to all of those pages at
I’m also pasting them here. Please, feel free to follow me and stop by to say hello.

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