Monday, October 22, 2012

Author Interview: Nerine Dorman

NB: Welcome back to Blue Haven Reviews! The last time we chatted, you had recently finished writing Khepera Redeemed. What have you been working on since that time?
ND: Dear Dog! Has it been that long already? A lot’s happened since Khepera Redeemed, I almost don’t know where to begin. Most notably, I’ve written two romance novels under the pen name Therése von Willegen (Tainted Love and Hell’s Music). But I’ve released two urban fantasy novellas (The Namaqualand Book of the Dead and What Sweet Music They Make) which should appeal to vampire fans. In addition, I’ve collaborated with Crooked Fang author Carrie Clevenger on two short works (Just my Blood Type and Blood and Fire)—which should yet again appeal to vampire fangrrrls. But perhaps my best so far, is my latest release, Inkarna, which is a totally new departure in the realm of urban fantasy novels, involving my own creation of supernatural beings—the Inkarna—which are, essentially beings who are members of an ancient Egyptian reincarnation cult (that’s the short version). This novel has been very well received (I’m both awed and humbled by some of the readers’ responses so far) and I’m working on its sequel. Then I’ve got a secondary world fantasy novel on sub. I’m currently on tenterhooks with it, so let’s hold thumbs for good news. 
NB: You had mentioned you were doing some work with the SA Horrorfest. Can you tell me a little about that?

ND: I’ve been coordinating the SA HorrorFest Bloody Parchment event and short story competition for the past three years. It’s been absolutely fabulous to be part of the SA HorrorFest in this way, by offering a literary component to the cinema-dominated fest. The Bloody Parchment event takes place each year at one of the top independent bookstores in Cape Town—the Book Lounge. Each year we dress up and have authors over to do readings. This year we’re offering drabbles. The short story competition itself is really taking off, and the finalists are included in an anthology. This year we gained support from eKhaya, the digital arm of Random House Struik, one of the biggest publishers in South Africa. Now finalists can add a serious writing cred to their names, and we’ve even managed to print a limited run of physical books to supplement the ebook release.

NB: You also offer an editing service. What are you specifically looking for?

ND: I’m specifically looking for authors who’re serious about improving their writing. They needn’t be perfect, but they must at least show that they have that mystical “X-factor” as I like to call it. But perhaps the biggest characteristic I’m looking for is the “sponge factor” of authors wanting to learn to improve, and absorbing the advice I offer, so that we don’t waste time by fixing the same mistakes over and over again. My rates are super low ($4/1000 words broken over two editing rounds). In addition to editing, I offer frank evaluations of the state of the writing. I’m not going to be nice for the sake of being nice. I’m serious about helping author improve their writing. I’m in it for the long run, to build relationships with my authors rather than make a quick buck. 
NB: And now some ‘for fun’ questions! What are your plans for Halloween this year?

ND: Surviving the Bloody Parchment event. Seriously. Organising authors for this event is like herding cats. At least I’ve already dyed my hair so no one can see the grey. But I plan to attend the screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that is part of the general SA HorrorFest proceedings, and also to set up a stall at the night market and sell my books (which at time of writing are still sitting in customs—long story, don’t ask).
NB: As someone who is well-versed in horror, can you tell me what your all-time worst fear is?

ND: Finger violence. Seriously. Finger violence... Having digits lopped off. I’m also a musician, so any films or books where characters lose bits of their anatomy reaaaaally squick me out. For that very reason I don’t watch any of the Saw films, or appreciate torture porn in the submissions I read.
NB: Finally, how can people reach you?

ND: Stalk me on Twitter @nerinedorman or mail me at

Alternatively find me on Goodreads at

Or like my Facebook author page at

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