Friday, July 6, 2012

Contest time!

Hi everyone,
War of the Soulites 3 : Extinction will be released July 9th, 2012. To celebrate I am holding a contest for a free copy! All you have to do is leave a comment between now and Monday night, and you will be entered into the draw. If you haven’t read the first book in the series, send me an e-mail!

The Vigilant is destroyed, and the crew is dead...or are they?
Ajalan, a Bocca Captain, suspects something sinister when he discovers the wreckage, but no bodies. He tracks an energy signal which leads him to a Soulite ship. On the ship, he finds only one humanoid-Mary Osirus, wife of Renolds Osirus, who also searches for the crew of the Vigilant. She brings him terrifying news-there are only fifteen hundred survivors left on Earth, and the Soulites are mobilizing a final assault to destroy the remainder of the human race.

Meanwhile, Renolds Osirus wakes up marooned on an arctic world, alone and thousands of miles from the nearest shelter. Without a ship or any weapon against the Soulites, it seems impossible that he can do anything to change Earth’s fate. But then, most people underestimate him....


Chris Hewson said...

It sounds great! Osirus really sounds like a cool dude! And this story definitely sounds epic (and not totally sci-fi confusing, so that's a huge plus!).

Is this the last in a trilogy, or are there more coming?

Nadine Vegt said...

Would love to read this. And it would probably be a good thing if I read the others too :-)

Natasha Bennett said...

Hi Chris,

This will likely be the last book in the trilogy, as I simply have too many other projects on the go. I expect to send a spy thriller to another publisher this year and start a fantasy series next year. Plus I really think War of the Soulites 3 : Extinction brings a satisfying end to the series.

Thanks for the comments! The winner is (drumroll please) Chris! Please let me know whether or not you have read a copy of the first book, which is out of print but I can still provide for free.

Nerine-I'll also be sure to send you a copy of the first book as well. :)

Natasha Bennett said...

Hi Chris,

Can I also grab your e-mail address? If you don't want to post it publicly feel free to send it to :)

Chris Hewson said...


No, I haven't read the first book.

I'll email you my email address :)