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Author Interview: M.R Gott

Today on Blue Haven Reviews I am interviewing M.R Gott. M.R. Gott is the author of the novel Where the Dead fear to Tread and the forthcoming sequel Where the Damned Seek Closure. You can visit M.R. at his website Cutis Anserina at Aside from contacting M.R. you will find his collection of book reviews and a list of small horror films you may have missed. M.R. lives contentedly in central New Hampshire with his wife, and their three pets. Aside from writing M.R. enjoys dark coffee, dark beer and fading light
N.B: Tell me about yourself. How long have you been writing? When you’re not writing, how do

you like to spend your free time?

M.R Gott: In elementary school we used to write our own stories and I never truly stopped. It was not until
recently though that I was able to finish a narrative. In my free time I enjoy stories, whether they
be in film or literature. There are countless books and movies I want to experience but again
time gets the better of me.

N.B: Can you tell us about your Novel, Where the Dead Fear to Tread?

M.R Gott: Where the Dead Fear to Tread combines two genres I am very fond of, supernatural horror
with elements from detective noir and old pulp heroes. To me there was no better character
to navigate a dark encompassing world than the cynical pragmatists created by men such as
Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. The characters they created saw the world as it was,
and despite their status as outsiders found success in meeting their goals.

The early Anita Blake novels by Laurell K Hamilton were greatly influential to me. I saw Anita
in these books as a well armed throwback to Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe. She was smart
and brutally efficient. I later lost interest in the series, not for the increasing and lengthy sexual
elements, but for Anita’s increased supernatural powers. When I left Anita she was no longer
the underdog hounded by disrespectful authority figures, she was giving commands to legions of

N.B: What was your favourite scene to write? What was your least favourite scene?

M.R Gott: No single scene was my favorite to write. My favorite scenes to write are the quiet reflective
moments between the scenes of carnage. It is in these scenes when I truly get to create the
character and show who they are. It is not always actions that define us, but how we react to our
own actions. I believe when recognized it is the small moments that are the most important in
character building.

My least favorite scene to write was in Where the Damned Fear Redemption, the sequel to
Where the Dead Fear to Tread. It is a crucial scene revolving around family violence where
my protagonist needs to be emotionally destroyed. I feel I accomplished this well by taking the
small comforts that parents can provide and warping them into acts of aggression.

N.B: What inspires you to write? (music, books, etc)

M.R Gott: No single element inspires me, to me it is trying to devise stories that articulate the way I see
the world. It may be dark and overbearing at times, it is our charge to acknowledge the small
unexploited potentials for good. This is what defines us.

N.B: Do you have other upcoming projects in the works?

M.R Gott: I have recently completed a manuscript for Where the Damned Fear Redemption. I have a
collection of short stories I am working toward releasing, as well as a couple other story outlines.

N.B: Any advice for beginning writers that are trying to get published?

M.R Gott: When you are offered advice or suggestions by professionals, listen.Even if you disagree you
may learn something from just interacting with them that you can use.

N.B: What is the best way for readers to contact you? (website, e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc)

M.R Gott: I am be contacted through at


Where The Dead Fear To Tread

Description: A police officer and a serial killer search separately for a missing child while running a
malevolent labyrinth populated by creatures they never knew existed.

Former prosecutor William Chandler, disgusted with his past inaction, spills the blood of those
who victimize children to correct the ills he sees in the world. A self-admitted serial killer and
uncomfortable with his actions, Chandler attends the funerals of those whose lives he has taken
in an effort to retain a true understanding of the nature of violence.

The carnage left in his wake is investigated by Detective Kate Broadband, who becomes
progressively more comfortable with the corpses left by Chandler. Envying the power she sees in
him, she pursues Chandler as each search for Maria Verde, a missing eight-year-old girl.

As Chandler and Broadband draw closer to discovering what happened to Maria they are forced
to confront The Devourer, an unnatural being trafficking in stolen children.

Where the Dead Fear to Tread is a tale of hard-boiled macabre, bridging numerous genres to
reveal a story of horror, crime and revenge.

Available from the Untreed Reads Store, Amazon and most major e-book retailers for $4.99

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