Sunday, September 25, 2011

Webseries Review: Machine of Death: Part two

Ever since I did my first review of ‘The Machine of Death’ webseries more videos have come up, and I have been requested to do another review of the series.

For those who missed my first review, the machine of death is a new state-of-the art system which can tell a person how they are going to die by taking a sample of their blood. The system does not mention the date, and the meaning can sometimes be a little vague. Still, it was an interesting concept...and in the later episodes, it still is.

Of course, much of these videos depend on how good the actor or actress can be monologuing for ten or twenty minutes straight. Since there are eight different videos with eight different actors, your opinion may vary. If I had to pick a favourite, mine would probably be episode five, ‘together’, where a couple believe they are predicted to die together, so they try to spend time apart instead.

One drawback of these videos is that for a couple of them a feel like there is a hidden or clever ending I am supposed to get. While most of the time I do, sometimes I feel like it slips me by, and I’m kind of left hanging. I’m not sure if this is a reflection of the video or myself, however. From a more technical standpoint, most of them are shot very well, but one might see a moment of two of shaky-cam.

In short? I would recommend giving these videos a look, and I would also not recommend having things in the background at the same time. These are the kind of videos that deserve your complete attention. 

All of these videos can be found at There's also a convient machine of death on the website. Let's try mine...wait, Electrified Elephant? What the hell?

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