Sunday, September 11, 2011

Current Writing Projects: September 2011

Hi guy,

I've been debating for a while where to put the 'current projects' status on this blog. I think I'll probably just make it into a post once a month or whenever I have new information and go from there. So.....

War of the Soulites 3: This has been accepted by the publisher. We're still in the prelimary editing stages with this one. It'll be a while before I can give you more info for this.

Autumn's Spirit: This has also been accepted by the publisher. We've gone through the first editing stages so we should be finished it fairly soon (fingers crossed!).

D.r.e.x: Blackout (working title)-After some debating I've decided that this is going to be my next big project to finish. Basically it's a spy/supernatural horror novel which I am actively considering sending to Tor (eep!). Current word count: 32, 727 words.

Fantasy Novel (untitled). My next big project, probably going to either Tor or Edge Publishing. Currently gathering dust at 17, 857 words.

Sci-fi Novel (untitled)-I'm looking forward to writing this one, but probably won't be for a little bit. 3,000 words.


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