Friday, August 12, 2011

Contact Us/Review Policy

Hi everyone!

If you are interested in a review/interview, please e-mail me at, and I’ll set up something for you! I am also available on facebook at While I’m not such a great fan of twitter, I do have an account at!/Natasha_Bennett. My website is also at

Review Policy:

I review science fiction, horror, romance, and fantasy of all age levels (including mature). Historical fiction, westerns, and general fiction will get either a pass or a ‘meh’ reaction. I might pick one up if my workload isn’t too heavy, but I honestly believe there are better reviewers out there for those genres.

Now here’s the good news: I accept printed books and e-books, with a preference towards e-books. Unlike many review sites I will also accept self-published books. However, keep in mind that I expect the grammar and spelling to be on par with traditional books. If it isn’t, this will be mentioned in the review. I also do not review unpublished manuscripts.

Finally, keep in mind that I am the only reviewer on this site, so if I’m slow in posting, it is because there is a backlog. After I receive your request I will give you a realistic timeframe of when it will be posted.




Chris Hewson said...

What are your thoughts on crime books/stories?

Natasha Bennett said...

Sure, I can definitely take those as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you willing to review unpublished manuscripts?

Natasha Bennett said...

Argh, I thought I had put that in my policy. Unfortunately no, I can't review unpublished manuscripts. A manuscript can drastically change after it is published, and posting a review might get an author in trouble with the publisher.