Sunday, June 19, 2011

Webseries Review: Mortal Kombat Legacy: Part three

Blogger's note: Sorry for the slow updates everyone. More will be coming. Also, moderate spoilers for Mortal Kombat Legacy.

Episode 6: Raiden

This episode starts off a bit differently with a note from the writer, Kevin Tancharden, announcing that the episode provides a very different take from the Legacy series and he hopes the viewers will enjoy it. Hm, almost sounds like an apology.

Don’t apologize for being creative, Kevin. Apologize for the first five episodes.

Anyway, this episode starts off with Raiden arriving...somehow in a metal institution (I’m guessing magical comet, but whatever). And talk about all the places he could have landed in! To make matters worse, Raiden is dressed in exactly the same garb as all the rest of the patients. Suffice to say, they don't really believe that Raiden is a thunder god and Earthrealm can't survive without his help in the tournament.

And you know what? Raiden’s right. It would be a good idea to have a God on your side. This very same God who can’t seem to escape a mental ward despite being able to throw lightning bolts and has teleportation powers.

Okay, I’ll play nice. Maybe getting beaten up, the sedatives, and the lobotomies are wrecking havoc with Raiden’s powers (yes, he gets multiple lobotomies. Very disturbing lobotomies). Although one would think they would try electro-shock therapy first rather than going all the way up to hammering needles in the brain. But whatever.

Overall, I like this episode for what it attempts to do, but unfortunately since episodes 1-5 are too similar to the overall Mortal Kombat plot this kind of clashes. Either portray them all in a gritty real world like Rebirth, or have them in fantasy worlds like Legacy. Half and half just doesn’t work. (yes, I know I’m impossible to please).

Episode 7 + 8, Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Call me insane, but the characters of Scorpion and Sub-zero never really appealed to me. I can see how they would appeal to people, but over the years I think they’ve, overhyped. Still, that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, both these episodes explore the backstory of Scorpion. If anyone has played any game of mortal kombat, they would know that Scorpion’s family was tragically murdered at the hands of Sub-Zero’s clan. The episode doesn’t stray too far from the story as well. While preparing for the Shogun’s arrival, Scorpion is called away from his family to an ambush. Unfortunately, a great deal of episode 7 is establishing how cute Scorpion’s family actually is, and how tragic it will be when they die (complete with Scorpion saying, ‘I’ll be back by morning’ no less).

But enough about that. Let’s talk about the truly tragic characters in this series-Scorpion and Sub-zero. Let’s reflect on how average their costumes are, and how uncool they are when compared to the Rebirth trailer. In Rebirth, Scorpion was a true assassin, dark and hidden, and I actually believed his weapon was something cool and not an arrowhead attached to the string. Sub-zero looked more like an actual monster than a person, and both were something I was genuinely looking forward to watching. Watching these clowns dressed in those’s the biggest disappointment so far, to say the least. They're not bad versions, but I have seen so much better.

But I will give these episodes some credit-there are some great scenes towards the end of episode eight, and a twist I didn’t see as well. I would recommend checking it out just for that.


Chris Hewson said...

SCORPION AND SUB-ZERO OVERHYPED? THAT'S...actually you're right, they are kinda overhyped come to think of it. Their story is definitely a great one though. Wish their character designs in Legacy were better though.
And any idea why Raiden was getting lobotomized!? They stopped doing that in the freakin 50's.

Natasha Bennett said...

'Fraid they are still doing it, but only in some parts of the US (and it's generally frowned upon). The Massachusetts General Hospital for example, has a program for psychosurgery.