Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Review: Part two

Blogger's note: Minor spoilers for Mortal Kombat Legacy.

So here I am, reviewing Mortal Kombat Legacy again. Let's see if my opinion will drastically change from part one.

Episode 3-Johnny Cage

Nope, my opinion hasn't changed. 

Like the first two episodes, this episode has decent acting, and decent fighting. And again, my problems with this episode are similar with the first two episodes-we really don’t see anything new. Johnny Cage is a failing action movie star, but comes up with a new script idea to revive his career. Suffice to say, his producers screw him and Johnny takes action. I personally like Johnny Cage out of most of the Mortal Kombat fighters, and I can see the creators doing their best in this episodes, but alas Johnny's character in general doesn’t have a great deal of depth in the beginning, and neither does this episode. We also miss out on Johnny’s typical funny one-liners from the game and the movie. That being said, Johnny does have some genuine emotions in this one too, which is nice to see.

This episode does raise one question I have, and this is also a problem in the movie: Why exactly is Shang Tsung of all people recruiting Johnny Cage?  I can believe that Shang Tsung might do this because he might think Johnny is easily beatable, but why does he get to select Earths fighters? Isn’t this breaking some Elder God’s rules? We don’t see Raider travelling to Outworld to select Milenna or Baraka to fight, so why here? And if Shang Tsung is allowed to do that, why bother picking people who are half-way decent fighters at all? Why not pick up ten people off the street?

Oh, and this episode confirms that Mortal Kombat Rebirth as non-cannon, as it brings up plenty of plot-holes otherwise.

Episode 4 + 5-Kitana/Mileena

This two-parter is so far the best in the series, but it’s still not going to rate high on my overall opinion. We do get to see a lot of background with Kitana/Mileena, but half of that is live acting, and the other half with animation.  Unfortunately I’m not really a huge fan of any movie or series doing this, because doing so usually screams to me ‘we don’t have a budget or we're too lazy to film a sequence so here’s a drawing!’ But this is really just a personal opinion and it probably works well for other people. That being said, I didn’t hate the animation itself, and I’ve certainly seen far worse in high-budget movies.

Here is the plot in a nutshell:  Outworld is taken over by Shao Kahn, who proclaims himself King and takes Sindel as his wife and Kitana as his daughter. The former King flees and...does nothing I guess for about twenty years. Fearing that Kitana might learn the truth about him, Shao Kahn orders Shang Tseung to create Milenna, a clone of Kitana with lots of pointy teeth.

I really enjoyed the live action sequences, however, especially the fight chorography between the two sisters (although I have a minor gripe that in some sequences I can't tell which one is which due to their clothing being too similar). Also, points for introducing them early as children rather as adults-I really do prefer that shift from the actual game.

But-sigh-again nothing new. No, I won't stop going on about this. Rebirth promised something original. I don't care if this is a marketing ploy or not. When are we going to see something original? I’m sick of your stalling, Legacy. Show me something which is going to totally impress me or I’ll-



Chris Hewson said...

You lost a writing file!?!? It really sucks when that happens, it happened to me on one occasion, I had to rebuild about twenty pages worth of story from scratch!! Ugh, being a writer does have it's risks!

Natasha Bennett said...

Yeah-I was in a hurry to switch computers and didn't realize I hadn't backed up one file before it got wiped. :( Thankfully I didn't get too far with it and I still remember the core ideas.