Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's be serious for a moment...

Hi guys,

First of all, the good news I mentioned earlier is one of my novellas, 'The Red Zone', has been accepted and is currently in a contest. It's a free read for anyone who is interested in a good zombie apocalypse story.

And (ahem) speaking of the Apocalypse....

By now most people know that some fanatical Christian predicted that the world would end today at 6 p.m, and of course that didn't happen. Naturally I made a whole bunch of smart remarks on facebook about it, and it does amuse me, but to me it's also just sad. It's sad that a whole bunch of people donated their life savings to this guy so their souls would be saved, and of course nothing actually happened so now they have nothing. Just to be clear, the majority of the world didn't actually do this and are way smarter than that. I'm not judging this even as a 'Christian' thing, since most Christian people I know are normal. I judge this as a select few who are too afraid of death, and what happens thereafter.

Religiously I'm a Wiccan, so I don't have to deal with this whole doomsday concept, or even a heaven/hell concept. For those that are interested, here is what I believe: We could die at any day, any moment, from any number of factors-a passing comet, a flood, or even something mundane like getting run over by a bus. I don't need a doomsday clock on top of everything else. Is this a depressing mentality? Honestly not, because I can view each day of living as a wonderful gift, and I try not to waste it. I don't need to give all my money to some crazy guy for something better after I die. I could give some more thoughts about what I really think will happen after we die, but that kind of opens a huge debate and that's not what this blog post is about.

This is the point of my blog: Nobody should pay attention to a doomsday clock. Ever. We have enough to worry about.

Although just for the record, if the Apocalypse does happen, I will survive it. Why? Because I have a zombie plan.

Agree? Disagree? Should I be holding a doomsday sign outside? Feel free to comment!


Rebecca Rose said...

I'm with you, babe. First, a don't believe in ' a clock'. Second, growing up STRICK Catholic taught me dislike any religion where 'fear' has a major role. I believe if you are good to yourself and others, good will be brought onto you. As for these unfortunate people who looked for others to take care of their pets when they're gone, who gave money to a scam artist, and who had their very souls taken, I pray they will find peace in themselves and discover the true reward in life is the love for yourself and the ones you surround yourself with.
Okay, I'm done with my rant and I have faith the 'leader' of this group will find karma not as forgiving as some of his followers.
Rebecca Rose

Chris Hewson said...

I have a working zombie plan too thanks to Phantasm II-I'll just rig together a few quadruple-barrel shotguns and chainsaws and I'm set for life.
As for this whole apocalypse business, it has regrettably made me admit on twitter that I've seen Xanadu more than anyone should, and that's just as bad as actually spending money on this BS doomsday date, haha!