Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Game Review: Dead Space Severed

Blogger's note: Spoilers for Dead Space Extraction. Also no images (sorry). The game only came out a couple of hours ago. 

The Dead Space series is really good at doing one of two things-either making a really good product, or making a really bad one.

Dead Space Severed is the more-or-less sequel to Dead Space Extraction. You know, that game I really loved and raved about. In this game you play as Gabriel Walker (I guess the main character in Dead Space Extraction, Nathan, really did turn into a monster in the end) who is trying to get his now-pregnant wife Lexine out of the sprawl. Lexine for the most part does what she normally does, which is stand around looking horrified.

This game is a failure in so many ways. First of all, it’s relatively short (a whole grand two levels) and annoyingly enough most of those two levels are a straight copy and paste from Dead Space 2. And since my character was somehow imported from Dead Space 2 I am also ridiculously overpowered against enemies-and no, I don’t think there’s any way you can create a new character. Is it scary? Hell no.  What’s kept the Dead Space series somewhat decent is the madness factor for the main characters. A madness factor which is unfortunately absent. So with that taking a holiday, I only have swarms of monsters to keep me occupied, and since I was overpowered, I started to feel a little sorry for them. Especially the baby monsters.

I can’t get over how lazy this game is. The intro to Dead Space 2 was one of the best intros for a game I had ever seen. Isaac Clarke wakes up in a straight jacket, in an insane asylum just as a monster is about to eat him. Dead Space Severed starts with Gabe telling Lexine, ‘Um, the monsters are here again. Guess we better hide or something.’

I spent the whole time thinking about many ways this game could have been improved. First of all, they could have brought back Nathan and introduced him in the madness segments. Okay, so the studio was too cheap to get the voice actor back. How about just having him stand around in the background looking menacing? Or how about Isaac Clarke? The guy’s finally gotten a little bit of personality and at least it would have been a fan service. The only thing noteworthy was the ending to this game, which only served to tick me off. 

Final Grade: 0 stars out of 5. I want my money back, and I want to forget this game ever existed. 

Then again, it was only seven bucks so I guess it's not the end of the world....

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