Thursday, February 17, 2011

Author's Blog Month: Pamela Turner

“Exploring the Dark Side of Relationships in Death Sword

by Pamela Turner

When I first wrote Death Sword, the relationship between Xariel and Karla was pretty straight forward. The problem? Xariel’s role wasn’t exactly heroic. In fact, he was the antagonist. How could I justify Karla falling in love with someone who murdered without compunction?

Don’t ask.

So I dismantled my first draft, leaving only the framework (the initial premise). I changed characters’ roles. Samael, a minor character in the original manuscript, became the antagonist. Xariel was now the hero, albeit a reluctant one.

But if Samael was the adversary what motivated his actions? Why would he despise Karla to the point of murdering her friends?

Then it came to me. What if Samael’s motive was triggered by his inability to let go of his relationship with Xariel? Not only that, what if Xariel was cursed by the Seraphim so he couldn’t act on his sexual needs? He doesn’t want to return to Samael but still desires other males. The problem is his sex curse forces him to be with women, including Karla. The catch? The women he sleeps with are killed, victims of Samael’s curse. The dilemma then, for Xariel, is while he does have some feelings for Karla, these are compounded by his fear she’ll die and he’ll be forced to return to Samael.

Since this is an urban fantasy/paranormal, I’m not restricted in how my characters deal with their  relationships. Death Sword is the first in a planned four-book series and Xariel’s sex curse is explored throughout. Ultimately, the characters will find their HEA endings or at least their HFNs.

Even Samael.

When she’s not being her cat’s human scratching post, Pam can be found subverting notions of good and evil and tormenting her characters. Death Sword,  her first book,  is published by Lyrical Press and is available from the publisher, as well as Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), Fictionwise and other online retailers. For more information visit Lyrical Press ( or the author’s site (


Kim Bowman Author said...

I did the same thing with my novel Wayward Soul. My problem was my characters wouldn't cooperate! Wishing you many sells!


V.R. Leavitt said...

I love complicated characters. Your book sounds like a good read.