Saturday, January 22, 2011

Movie Review: T-Force

Today let's talk about the T-Force! Not that T-Force. This T-force:

Although if you got the Asylum Films version, (which I do have) the cover looks more like a rip-off of Terminator. This movie stars a group of police officers who are also robots. And this is suprisingly a decent film. I say that even though this is the opening sequence to the movie:


The first twenty minutes of the movie is equally bad, ripping off Die Hard more than anything else. Long story short, T-Force screws up and innocent lives are lost. The mayor demands that the T-Force robots are shut down. All the robots rebel except for one called Caine, and it's up to this one robot and a cop who hates AI to stop them from wiping out the city. 

As a science-fiction movie, it fails. As a buddy cop, this movie is surprisingly decent, especially when they get the robots out of the silly uniforms. 

The action is pretty decent, and there is some dialogue in this movie that's pretty funny as well. Caine's character is a little compelling as he knows that he has to be shut down after the mission is over. In other words, this movie is stupidly hilarious for the first half, but decent for the second.

FINAL GRADE: 2 stars out of 5. Turn off your brain and enjoy. 

In retrospect, this movie probably does have the best opening ever.


Chris H said...

WHOA, that's some opening. I need to get this as soon as possible. I always loves me some absurd actionsploitation fun. Actually, hold on a second...DOUBLE WHOAH, (now I'm sounding like Keanu Reeves) I just looked this up on eBay right after I finished your review and T-Force is there. That's surprising, eBay doesn't usually have obscure stuff like that; I still can't find Megaforce there though.

Natasha Bennett said...

I was actually pretty lucky, because I found a lot of movies in the clearance bin at Zellars or Walmart. There are actually two movies that are so horribly, awesomely bad that I plan to save them for a special project. :)