Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dead Space 2: First Impressions

Hi guys!

I took a bit of a break from my normal reviews to play the demo of Dead Space 2. To summerize my previous reviews so far, I really didn't like the first game, but I did love the Wii game Dead Space Extraction, which is easily on my top ten list of best horror video games. So how does the demo fare? Well, I jotted down my thoughts below:

The Good: Unlike other video games which like to pretend that their expansion packs don’t exist (ahem, F.E.A.R) Dead Space 2 does actually bring up Dead Space Extraction in their intro. Hopefully we can find out what happened to the main characters in that one. 

From the control side, Dead Space 2 has gotten a visual uplift and it looks fantastic. Being on a planet rather than a spaceship, the locations are more artistic and the enemies seem more challenging as well. The controls also seem a little more fluid than the first game and the zero-G is far more fun. Also Isaac Clarke has a voice now. Hopefully a personality will follow, although from what I've seen from the trailer, I'm kind of worried he'll be a little whiny.

The bad: The demo crashed on the first try. Hopefully that won’t be a taste of things to come. And what was up with having me to register an account first before playing a demo? Gah, now I have more spam.

Unfortunately, that annoying music which follows a monster is also back. Yes, I get there’s a monster behind me. You don’t have to use the shrieking violins every time I see one. I’m also a little concerned that the gameplay will overshadow the more subtle parts of Isaac’s madness, but we’ll see.

The ugly: The suits. Ugh,  I hate the Dead Space suits. Every time Isaac Clarke enters the upgrade area I keep expecting the Iron Man music to start playing. And what is that part below his neck supposed to do?

So that's my first impressions. I plan to buy the game when it comes out next week, and of course I'll do a full review of the game.


Chris H said...

Ah yeah, I remember the F.E.A.R. expansion packs. That whole continuity difference was mind boggling.

Natasha Bennett said...

In all fairness, that was due to two companies trying to own the same game...but yeah, even the ones developed only by Monolith Studios are confusing.