Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shameless plug

Hi guys!

My interview with Blog Talk Radio is now up It went extremely well, considering two problems. The first being that I'm not very good at public speaking. I usually speak extremely fast or stutter, and you do see that a little in this interview. The second problem was that I didn't think to lock up my animals during the interview, so half the time they were either jumping on my lap or on the table where the script was.

Overall, though, it was a lot of fun to do, and Nanci who hosted the chat was awesome and invited me back when the sequel comes out (in April). I think when I have enough practice with public speaking I'll be able to do it better. The fact that I even had this interview and did it marginally well speaks volumes from how I've changed from five or ten years ago. So, yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to being back.



graywave said...

Congratulations on the interview. I'm hoping to have one myself at the end of the month. Like you were, I'm nervous about it!

Natasha Bennett said...

Cool! I look forward to listening to it. :) Let me know when it's up.