Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chat schedule

Hi guys!

Once again a late update. Part of the problem actually had to do with my laptop finally dying *sniff*. I guess when the internal fan breaks, the battery dies, the USB ports don't work, the internet connection doesn't work, the CD drive can't write CDs anymore, and the screen needs screen wipes it's finally time to pack it in. So now I'm on my old back-up PC until at least December. Funny how a 7-year-old PC outlives a 3-year-old laptop.

With that in mind, here is my belated chat schedule. I'll be chatting today at You Gotta Read 7PM Est at this link:

On October 20th I'll have an interview posted at Linda Faulkner's Author Exchange blog at 6PM EST.

On October 24th I'll also be posting at Savannah Chase's Yahoo Group at 6 PM at this address:

Did I mention I live in PDT? One of the first things I had to learn as an author is to convert different time zones. :)

Hope to see you guys there,

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