Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update again

Last week, War of the Soulites got a really great review from the site Fallen Angels.

"Marcus Collingway, the new first officer aboard the Vigilant, isn't known for his stellar career in NAVA but as part of the resistance that tried to dismantle it. No one knows how a terrorist leader responsible for murdering thousands gained such a high-ranking position, but Captain Renolds Osirus would love to know why he's a part of his crew.

This is Renolds first command and while he has spent most of his career as an accountant, he has the gumption to take on the responsibility. While neither Marcus nor Renolds trust one another, they gain new respect and admiration after an attack on their ship that lands them in enemy territory. Their new enemy, the Soulites, has them running for their lives, and the crew of the Vigilant will have to work together to survive.

War of the Soulites takes us into the future where there truly is no freedom. Marcus is a brave man who doesn't understand why he's been placed in his current position. His fight with the NAVA is constant, and his contempt still rings true. Renolds isn't the man Marcus thinks he is. He's strong, fierce, determined, and regardless of the rules, knows how to treat his subordinates fairly. Their relationship was a strong and painful build, and while there isn't absolute trust, the foundation was laid for it to form. This was definitely an interesting story, filled with hidden plots, agendas, and danger. Natasha Bennett has done a wonderful job creating not only the characters and their personalities, but the setting and plot. I'm hoping from the way the story ends there will be more to come in the near future. This was definitely an enjoyable read. "

In other great news, I've written about 55,000 words for War of the Soulites 2. Expect more updates soon. :)

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Gary Starta Author said...

Congrats on the review, Natasha. Your characters definitely created drama, tension and paved the way for numerous plot twists.

Gary Starta