Saturday, April 11, 2009

Slow updates

Hm, once again a slow update on my own blog site. Part of the delay is having technical problems (my paypal got hacked into, there are still bugs on my browser, etc) and another part is being busy writing War of the Soulites 2-the sequel that still needs an actual title. I'm happy to say that is around 30,000 words right now, so hopefully it'll be done soon. It's not easy to write a book!

Anyway, here are some updates:

This is the book trailer for War of the Soulites which took 3 days and cost 40 dollars to do:

Here is a really awesome and detailed interview about War of the Soulites:

And here's a shorter interview:

Release date is still tentatively set for May 4th-almost three weeks ago! There will be updates before that time. You know, unless the cornflicker virus turns my laptop into part of skynet. In which case updates will happen the speed of whenever-I-find-500-bucks-for-a-new-laptop.

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