Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great news!

Wow, it's been a month since I've updated! That must mean I have a lot of news, and I do! Most of it's awesome, but I'll start with the one tiny bit of bad news first.

I mentioned earlier in my blog that my book was slated to be released on April 20. This has been pushed back to May 4th instead. Without going into too much detail, I certainly degree with the editor's decision and these kinds of setbacks happen often in the publishing process.

Now for the good news! I have an author interview for my book happening very shortly, and as soon as it's up I'll post a link. I also have a book trailer for my novel which will be released on youtube probably either this week or next week. Lastly, my website has been completely changed around (I like this design far more) at

I've also been doing a lot of advertising for my book. If it becomes print, there will be a couple of bookstores that will take a few copies.

That's it for now. Except more updates soon.

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