Sunday, February 15, 2009

Personal favorites

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. There's a number of reasons-I'm always working full time, I had a week of bronchitus, F.E.A.R 2 came very important reasons, in other words.

Overall, last month was pretty good. We're very nearly finished the editing stages. After that, there are a few forms I have to fill out, and on the road to publication! I've passed around a lot of flyers locally, I have a newspaper that would like to review my book, and a bookstore that might be interested in shelving my book, (if it makes it to print). A big one. Next week I plan to hit more bookstores, and revamp my site a little. All in all, a very exciting time.

BTW, because I'm really nerdy, here's a list of sites I like going to. For the most part these people make videos and post them on the site for free, so I really have to admire their talent and dedication while having no funds. been around for as long as I remember, as a parody series to Halo. It was so popular that one of their episodes was on the Halo 3 disc. new, but becoming a big hit fast. Things that are good-the Allen and Craig show, RIP evil productions, and spoofs like the dark knight trailer and the twilight trailer. Nostalgia Critic reviews old movies and makes fun of them. This guy's hilarious. thing as above, except this guy reviews old video games.'ve only recently started watching this, and I certainly haven't seen all the videos. Some good ones I've seen are Zero Punctuation and Doomsday Arcade.

And that's it! Talk to you guys later.


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