Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lyrical Press

Right away I have to give credit to my publisher-Lyrical Press. It originally started as a romance publisher and has quickly expanded to other genres. The staff is really friendly and always answers questions right away. It is primarily an e-book publisher, but they print some books as well.

They also have an editing department and a promotional department. While this may not be a big deal, keep in mind that some publishers do not have either of these. In other words, books go onto the shelf that are horrible in terms of grammar, and they are not promoted, so no one buys them or even knows about them.

As I said earlier, the staff is very friendly and responsive. I recently had some tax questions regarding earning revenue in the United States, and they were kind enough to get the required information for me (which doesn't change the fact that I need to get an ITIN number...ugh).

In conclusion, they are a great place for new writers. I can't stress enough how difficult it is to get into the business. Most publishers get thousands of applications every single day, and they reject 99%. Factor in that some publishing places need you to have an agent, or live in a certain country or be willing to wait at least two years, or to be a certain sex or be handicapped (I kid you not). I know of some people have spent several years trying to publish their novel, without any success. I was very lucky with Lyrical Press.

So kudos to them.

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