Sunday, December 28, 2008

First post and disclaimer

Hello, everyone. My name is Natasha Bennett, and I am the author of War of the Soulites. What is that, you ask? Well, I'll get to it in a few paragraphs, so please bare with me. First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog (or maybe no one is reading or ever will, and I'm just writing for no reason. But that works too).

I guess I should start with some very basic personal information. I was born in Kamloops and shortly moved to Victoria, B.C. I lived back and forth between there and Sooke, but I currently live in Victoria now. I have a normal full-time job which I really love, and in my spare time I am a Web Designer. I also write novels and short stories in my spare time, and strangely, some of them are getting published.

My publisher has encouraged me to have a blog to post about my work, so that's what this blog is going to be about. My books and stories in progress. Occasionally it might have some random thoughts and drabbles about my real life, but I'll try and keep that to a minimum.

One other point before I get to the novel-in this blog I really don't want to be criticized for any grammar issues that come up. I like to think that my grammar is above average, but most of this blog will probably be on the fly and I do not have a professional editor looking over my shoulder.

Okay, so on with the book. As I mentioned before, it is called War of the Soulties, due to be released in April 20, 2009 by Lyrical Press. Here is the cover:

Ain't it pretty? It was created by Renee Rocco, the publisher of Lyrical Press.

War of the Soulites is a dark science fiction book and will hopefully be the first in a trilogy. Next week I'll be releasing a short chapter excerpt (Yay! A reason to post next week!) and go into the book in more detail. What is it even roughly about? Well, it's about war, action, romance-all that good stuff. It's about a ship that has an incompetent captain, a mass-murdering first officer, and a chief medical officer with shaking hands. Tune in next week to find out more.

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